Dicks sporting goods league day change


I have changed our league day to this weekend. Feb 20-21. Ours was originally scheduled for Feb 27-28 but I found out yesterday that ona and barboursville’s was the same days. I was concerned that they might run out of stock with that many shopping all in one weekend so I switched ours to the week before theirs to ensure that our people can get what they need. I also realize that this change will benefit some but others not as much if they weren’t prepared to shop this weekend. I encourage you to use our weekend if at all possible because they track it to determine how much they give us the following year however, if you still need to shop on the original feb 27-28 dates I have been told that people frequently use other leagues discount days with no problem so you could still shop those days if necessary. For either week just mention the appropriate league and they will apply your discount.