Concession duties-please read


Coaches and team moms, please schedule to have one parent working the concession stand during all home games (it can be split up however you want). If you wish to hire a teen to work please text me at 304-972-3811 with your team name and person they are working for. If you have a teen in mind to work they must be on the approved list and be at least 14 years old. If you know a teen interested in working please send me their info and experience so we can vote on them. My daughter Bridget has worked the concession stand for the last several years and is always for hire on a first-come, first served basis (text me if you want her to work for you). The usual rate is $10/hr or $20 a game ($10 for tball games). We are planning on having the concession stand open for games this weekend. There must be at least one adult in concession working with teens (which is why you need to schedule the teens in advance). Team moms will be responsible for concession sign-ups and turning in their schedule (and workers) to the concession stand.