Games and Concession


Coaches and parents please make sure that you have someone for your team working in the concession stand during all of your home games. A schedule will need to be completed and dropped off in the concession stand for your team soon. You are welcome to trade with another team if you don’t want to work during your child’s game as long as you make sure it’s covered. You also have the option of hiring an approved teen to work your shift (they are on a first come, first served basis because there must always be an adult in the concession stand). If you want to hire a teen, text me in advance at 304-972-3811 and I will assign you one. The cost is $20 for a regular game and $10 for a tee ball game. Teens must be paid prior to the start of the game they are working. If a parent is working they must be in the concession stand prior to the game starting. You can also split games in half and have one parent working first half, one working second (but they will need to come in to relieve the first half parent). Please make sure this is taken care of prior to all games and remind your parents to be there. We will come out and let the coach know if they don’t have a parent working and it almost always ends up being a big ordeal. Let’s not let it get to that point please.

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