If you registered and haven't paid yet


If you have registered and not paid yet (I know there are many reasons-including late registrations by phone and email) please bring money to your first practice and turn in to your coach or get with me. If a payment plan is needed please contact me directly at mlltstevens@outlook.com so we can work something out. We must have a minimum of $30 of the registration prior to ordering jerseys, etc to cover the costs of those though. We will be ordering jerseys in the early part of this week in order to hopefully have them in time for opening day. Coaches-if someone turns in $ to you please let me know asap so I can get with you and credit their account.
Please contact me by March 15 if you would like a payment arrangement. We want to help but we have to know that it’s needed.
Also, we have several items in the “store” that are available for free to our players- we only ask that you donate your items that you no longer use so that others may have the same benefit. We have gloves, cleats, pants, helmets and would love for them to be used by someone.

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