Scott's Pitch, Hit and Run Competition-Free and Open to all ages! Volunteers needed!


The official competition is open to ages 7-14 where local winners are eligible to compete in the regional competition. We want it to be open to all ages so we will be adding age categories so that all of our local players can compete. Ages outside of the 7-14 ages will only be able to compete in our local competition though. We will host this on opening day around 11am on fields 2, 5 and the tee ball field. We will needs lots of volunteers to make this a fun and successful event! Please sign up in the comments if you are able to help (and put which field you would be willing to help with). Here’s a list of jobs that we will need people to sign up for- we will need each of these positions for each field so please put the job and field that you can commit to.

Judge- Stand at pitching rubber/chalk line to ensure the competitor has at least one foot touching during the delivery. A participant can follow through after pitch/throw and finish in front of the rubber/chalk line.
Judge- Determine the number of pitches hitting the “Strike Zone” target.
Scorer- Records the number of pitches hitting the “Strike Zone” target and points earned on the scoresheet

Hit Competition-
Spotter A- mark the spots where each ball first lands and determine each competitor’s best hit. Measure the distance of the best attempt and subtract the inaccuracy.
Spotter B- same as spotter A
Line Control-keeps an orderly line and assists in ball retrieval
Scorer- Records measurements on scoresheet and uses provided HIT conversion table to calculate total point score.
Administrator-places ball on tee

Run Competition-
Starter- Stands at second and yells “go” to designate when the competitor is to begin running
Judge- Positioned at 3rd base to ensure that all runners successfully tag
Timer- Located at home plate, begins timing when starter yells “go” and stops when the runner tags home plate
Scorer- Records all times and uses RUN conversion tables to determine total point value

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