Volunteer Needs-Here's your chance to get involved!


2017 Milton Little League Volunteer Needs

Below is a list of some needs that we have as a league that we would appreciate your help with. Please email me at mlltstevens@outlook.com if you are interested in helping out. Our league depends on all members to volunteer to be successful. We encourage you to find an area that you are passionate about and join in. Thank you in advance!

The following areas will have committees formed where volunteers will work together to ensure that the needs are covered throughout the year. Each committee will be head up by a MLL board member.

Mowing/weed eating (set a regular schedule, keep gas/diesel available, schedule maintenance, etc)
General field maintenance (make a schedule for dragging field, ensuring we have field marker, work on ideas to improve fields-ex. painted fire hose for outfield lines, get volunteers of parents from each field)
Umpire development- recruitment, training and how to retain them
Concession stand shopping/ordering, scheduling, cleaning
Bathroom cleaning/maintenance -scheduling regular cleanings, stocking, arranging repairs as needed
Building maintenance -ensuring that needed repairs are completed on buildings and bleachers, painting, cleaning
Sponsor Sign maintenance
hang new signs, fix when falling, put up at end of fall season
Entrance Sign maintenance- weeding, cleaning, planting flowers
Fundraising general fundraising, grants, etc
Player enrichment -scheduling camps/clinics
(variety of free/low cost/higher end) for players, posting local clinics on TeamApp, facebook and emailing through LeagueOne)
Sponsor procurement and retention- team sponsors, outfield sign sponsors, home plate sponsors, new construction sponsors (new batting cages, etc)

We will also need volunteers in these areas:
Umpiring- we will schedule a training to ensure consistency among umpires
Coaching- please review the coaching duties posted in TeamApp
Team Parents- please review team parent duties posted in TeamApp

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